Your involvement

Our volunteers are at the heart of our activities.

provided by the community to support children

The Fondation du Dr Julien benefits from the support of many volunteers who contribute to its mission on a daily basis by participating in various structured activities, leading activities or becoming a Grand Ami.

To all those who help us in one way or another, thank you!

Volunteers for regular activities

We have an impressive group of 241 volunteers who support the regular activities offered to the children; that's 75 people per week. Here are some examples:

  • Hélium, an after-school program for ages 6-14 years;
  • Petit Hélium, an after-school program for ages 4-5 years;
  • The Rights Committee;
  • Sports activities with Dynamik Boxing Club (in partnership with the Centre Père Sablon);
  • Parent-child groups;
  • Stimulation groups for ages 0-18 months;
  • Groupe École, in partnership with the Baril school in the Hochelaga district;
  • Reception support and greeting children at the Garage à musique;
  • The support of music and voice teachers;
  • Lutherie and instrument repair;
  • Tutoring at the educational support centre.

Grands Amis

Since life experiences are essential in helping to shape a person, our Grands Amis brighten the lives of many youth in need.

This year, we were able to create 19 new Grands Amis matches. So, 104 children have the chance to have a Grand Ami. They share at least four hours together every month.

Corporate groups

It's not just individuals who are generous with their time. Many businesses have lent us their support this year, to fill all kinds of needs.

Optimum Group

The Optimum Group's involvement goes beyond volunteering and item donation. As part of its support campaign, the company gave the Fondation $100,000 in 2017. This amount was raised by management and its employees through donations by payroll deduction.

La Guignolée du Dr Julien fundraiser

Pierrette Desjardins-Lalande,

our dedicated 87-year-old volunteer, brought us her donation of knitted items during the 15th Guignolée du Dr Julien.

The 15th edition of the Guignolée du Dr Julien was held on December 16, 2017. This activity raised $1,744,000 for our three centres of expertise, which represents approximately 45% of the amount required to offer top quality professional care and services free of charge to the children and families in the vulnerable communities in which these centres are located.

We would like to thank our 533 volunteers, as well as our many partners and allies for their support during this important event. Thanks to you, we were able to make the 15th Guignolée du Dr Julien a huge success.

Recognition of our volunteers

To pay tribute to our dedicated volunteers, we launched our volunteer appreciation program in 2017.

2017 Volunteer of the Year Award

We would like to highlight the following people for their commitment as dedicated volunteers. Each of them gave over 150 volunteer hours this year.

Michel Blais
Raymonde Côté
Pierre Fouquet
France Olivier
Lucille Tremblay


2017 Outstanding Volunteer Honorary Award

Thank you to all these faithful volunteers who have been supporting the Fondation’s activities for over 10 years and who have consistently developed and participated in projects for children within the Fondation du Dr Julien.


Adrien Quesnel, activity volunteer, Grand Ami and partner of the Guignolée
Amélie Sabourin, Grande Amie
Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette, co-founder of the Grand Ami program
André Frappier, co-founder of the Fondation’s hiking club
Andrée-Anne Fontaine, Grande Amie
Caroline LaFrance, co-founder of the Guignolée
David Rogers, co-founder of the Fondation’s hiking club
Edith Caron, Grande Amie
Edithe Trépanier, Grande Amie
Elizabeth Gagnon, founder of the Radio-Canada knitting club for the Guignolée
Eve Christian, co-founder of the Guignolée du Dr Julien
Sansoucy family, for all their commitment
Geneviève Rottier, volunteer for the Garage à Musique
Gilles Charrette, kitchen volunteer for the Hélium program
Ginette Allaire, volunteer and co-founder of the Fondation’s cycling club
Gustave Roumy, Grand Ami
Héloïse Masse, Grande Amie
Jean-Simon Fortin, Grand Ami
Jonathan Morier, Grand Ami
Louis Matte, co-founder of the Fondation’s cycling club
Louise Morin, support volunteer for Fondation’s activities
Marc-André Toupin, Grand Ami
Marie-Claude Mackay, Grande Amie
Marika Lhoumeau, Grande Amie
Mathieu Arsenault, Grand Ami
Pascal Lavallée, Grand Ami
Pierre-Antoine Lanier, Grand Ami
Sophie Dorval, Grande Amie and co-founder of the Fondation’s cycling club
Stéphane Cardinal, Grand Ami
Vincent Fafard, Grand Ami
Yasmine Ratnani, Grande Amie

2017 Commitment of the Year Award

Thank you to all these dedicated volunteers who have supported the Fondation's programs for over five years.


Anaïs Morin Turnel, Grande Amie
Anne-Claude Michellod, Grande Amie
Ariel Ulloa, Grand Ami
Audrey Racicot, Grande Amie
Carolanne Lavoie, Grande Amie
Catherine Poirier, for her commitment and support with BLG
Catherine St Pierre, Grande Amie
Claude Dagenais, volunteer kitchen leader, Grand Ami and Guignolée volunteer
Eric Potvin, volunteer for the Guignolée du Dr Julien
Esteves Matteo, volunteer
François Thivierge, Grand Ami
Ghyslaine Dufour, volunteer
Jacqueline Fournier and her family, volunteers for the last 11 editions of the Guignolée
Kyell Vyncke, Grand Ami
Kim Létourneau, Grande Amie
Lola Wilhelmy-Dumont, Grande Amie
Louis Emond, volunteer “Santa Claus at the 15 editions of the Guignolée” and his wife Chantal Ferrat in the counting department
Louise Leduc, activity support volunteer and Guignolée volunteer
Monique Jeanmart, volunteer for the Fondation’s hiking club
Philip Alleyn, volunteer
Pierre Larocque, volunteer for the Guignolée du Dr Julien
Roxanne Toupin, Grande Amie
Katia Samson, Grande Amie
Serge Langlois, volunteer